Life Isn’t a Checklist


  “Make your life not about achieving a certain list of things by a certain age, but about bringing glory to God in whatever you do with whatever doors He opens.” – @qwcdevos I’ve never been the type of girl who knew what she wanted.¬†While all my friends were applying to their dream college and […]

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How To Beat A Cold Quickly & Naturally


A couple weeks ago, my husband brought home a horrible cold. I inevitably got sick a few days later, but managed to beat it in two days. I couldn’t keep it to myself and wanted to share the steps I took to bounce back fast! My symptoms included an immediate sore throat, congestion, tiredness, sinus […]

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The Pursuit of Minimalism | Overcoming Anxiety Through Owning Less


I’ve struggled with anxiety since my early teens, although I didn’t know what it was at the time. I frequently had unexplained moments of panic, fear and worry. Sometimes I couldn’t walk into the grocery store; it was ruining me. Almost two years ago, my husband (then fianc√©) and I decided to grab coffee downtown. […]

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